Full Definition of SIMPLE – Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

1.  free from guile:  innocent
2.  a:  free from vanity:  modest
  b:  free from ostentation or display 
3.  of humble origin or modest position
4.  a:  lacking in knowledge or expertise    b:   stupid 
   c:  not socially or culturally sophisticated:  naive; also:  credulous

I’ll stop there, as we still have six more definitions to go… seems ironic that the word simple needs ten definitions in the dictionary.
Applying simplicity in automotive retail gets interesting. There are literally billions of dollars being thrown at making the car buying experience better and by better the customer is saying: less time, more delight, less complex and more, you guessed it, simple.

Make it simple. But how?

According to a recent study from [email protected], there are five ways organizations can fight complexity:

* Focus – prioritizing the truly impactful and reducing the noise.
* Clarity – communicating an inspirational, challenging but achievable vision
* Collaboration – explicitly and proactively rewarding teamwork
* Courage – making the tough decisions to reduce scope creep
* Be Practical – understanding that perfection can occasionally be the enemy of simplification

It’s on us.  Complexity is not caused by process, theory or technology – humans cause it.  By focusing, clarifying, collaborating, showing courage and being practical – you can fight complexity and start achieving simplicity.
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