Our Company

DealerHQ lives by a collaborative and focused mindset: we look at the macro trends of the automotive industry and look to create alignment between dealers and vendors. The company strives to help automotive retailers sell more vehicles and drive profits, enabling DealerHQ to be the defacto place for dealers to find solutions to improve their operations.

What We Offer

For automotive dealers that are looking for solutions partners to support and improve their retail strategy. Everything you need to make a decision on a new vendor.
The only digital marketplace that is built for dealers to discover, connect, and improve their retail operation.

DealerHQ is deeply passionate about connecting innovators with customers that need their solution, coupled with a broadly connected network in the automotive industry – we are perfectly positioned to do what we love to do.


The team is focused on finding the best solutions for dealers, but also on creating a connected marketplace that brings dealers and innovators together. The company’s innovative atmosphere attracts great solutions with great dealers.

DealerHQ is connected – innovative products in a marketplace that help dealers sell and service more vehicles profitably.

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The Problem


Confusing Vendor Universe

With the explosion of Software as a Service solutions and the ever changing retail landscape – the sheer number and complexity of today’s vendor universe is overwhelming and challenging to stay up to date.

Disconnected Mess

Dealers face a web of online resources that is a disconnected mess that leads to wasted time, sunk costs, data risk, missed deals, and unhappy customers.

Vendor or Partner?

Many dealers lack the insight into if their vendors are aligned to the operations.  Not all solutions are created for all dealers and not all dealers fit all solutions.

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The Solution


A digital marketplace that allows dealers to quickly search solutions based on the needs of their operation such as region, strategy, existing toolset, etc.


DealerHQ provides dealers a “remote control” interface for their vendor relationships.  A centralized location to identify and connect all of their vendors while providing vendors an efficient engagement channel to help their solution stay top of mind. Behind the interface is a robust connector to all of the vendor solutions.


By helping to align vendors to the specific dealer’s operation, we are able to foster collaboration between vendors to drive better results for the dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a marketplace and serve dealers and their vendor partners.  See the list of questions and reach out to us if you cannot find the answer you are looking for!

How much does it cost to create a listing?
Complimentary!  We are building our vendor listings and will look to create add-on paid services such as appointment booking, marketing services, payment processing, and ultimately integration support.  The standard DealerHQ listing is and always will be free.
What's the cost to the dealer?

Two options here.  Our dealer audience can create a free DealerHQ marketplace account and organize their search for new solutions.  This account will provide the ability to save vendors, create a list of favorites, promotional discounts and much more. All completely free.



If the dealer is looking for a way to organize solutions, DealerHQ provides a paid add-on solution called DealerHQ Connect to organize all of those vendor logins into one secure portal.